Call of Duty is about to receive a bit more Season 4 goodness from their July 15th entitled “Reloaded”.

In this mid-season update multiplayer gets yet another boost with new modes, new blueprints, new weapons, a new operator, and even some Warzone love.


Zombies Mode

In this update, the Zombies mode story continues as yet another map is added. Titled Mauer der Toten, this map looks to take the whole ‘arcadey’ feel of Zombie mode to the next level. There is an important AI bot that will help you. There is a new wonder weapon that transforms into different guns. There is a black hole device that can both teleport you and suck in foes. There are new zombie foes. There’s even an old Black Ops perk called Mule Kick that returns allowing you to hold 3 weapons at a time. 

The action is hot and heavy as always in this night time city-scape that is sure to test everyone’s survival tactics.


Multiplayer Content

As usual for these season updates, there are a host of new goodies. There is a new map called Rush Returns. This map is an oldie but goodie from Black Ops II’s Vengeance DLC pack. It’s a small map that takes place in a paintball course that is sure to be filled with shotguns, melee weapons, and SMG lovers.

As usual, this new map comes with a number of new playlists and a couple of new modes called Capture the Flag and Paintball. 


As a quality of life feature addition, Treyarch is finally giving the Prestige Keys a bit more purpose than simply unlocking banners and emblems. Now you can use Prestige Keys to unlock weapon blueprints!


There’s also two new weapons for those that enjoy close quarters combat. Just as the new map would suggest, there is a new full auto submachine gun called the Ots 9 and a new melee weapon called the Mace. As with most new offerings, these can be purchased or unlocked through challenges. 


With a file size of almost 9 GB, Warzone will receive its typical updates. There is a new objective based mode called Payload. This mode pits two teams of 20 against each other. One team is responsible for getting a number of vehicles across the map. The other team is tasked with preventing them by using obstacles, killstreaks, and any ordnance they can throw at them. 

There will also be an event called Blueprint Blitz. This event will allow operators to complete contraband contracts that award you with permanent weapon blueprint rewards if you are able to extract it. The event has a limited run so stay tuned to @RavenSoftware on Twitter to know when it happens.


Also, to keep things interesting, mysterious red doors have been added to the Warzone map. Apparently their purpose is a secret and will take players someplace special.  

Last of all, a new sentry gun killstreak has been added. Set with a 1 minute timer and a 180 degree arc, this will provide a quick boost of defense or a window for your team to escape. Apparently, this killstreak is only found as an extremely rare item drop within a Red Door room Supply Box. 

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