HDMI Capture,HDMI to USB 3.0,Full HD 1080P

A capture card is an indispensable tool for recording game footage on your console.
But why exactly is that?
While PC users can use a plethora of different software such as XSplit or Fraps to record game play directly on their machine, console owners don’t have it that easy.
If you own a PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch or pretty much any other console, a good capture card will allow you to record and store material externally, as well as move it to your PC with no effort.

Works with most third-party software and Operating Systems including:Windows, Mac OSX, Linux.
Supports up to 1920×1080 at 60fps (1080p) and up/down conversion of video without CPU interaction.
Converts HDMI to standard PC webcam data. Converts video and audio from HDMI to USB Video Class (UVC) and USB Audio Class (UAC) data.
The sleek, design requires no external power and eliminates visual clutter.
Customize for your application with a plug-and-play solution—no driver downloads.

Hardware requirements:
Desktop:Intel Core i5-3400+NVIDIA GT630
Notebook:Intel Core i7-U 2.0GHz+NVIDIA GT735
Mac:i5 quad-core or above, video card compatible with DirectX 10, sound card, 4GB DDR3 or more
USB 3.0 Power Supply:Intel Chipset with Built-in USB 3.0 Controller (Renesas, Fresco, etc.)

Warm Tips:
1. Do not use HUB or USB extension cable.
2. It must be connected to the computer’s USB 3.0 interface use.
3. A low computer configuration will cause the recording screen to blinking randomly or black.
4. This is a normal phenomenon that is the recording screen and the original screen is not synchronized.

This video capture device is sleek, small, and standardized. Easy to set up,the small (207x62x15 mm) and easily transportable device is ideal for live streaming, conference rooms, video recording, and more. Created with high-end design in mind, the hdmi capture device requires no external power
The HDMI Capture Card has no drivers to install and leverages the capabilities already built into current software for a seamless experience. As the device is compatible with most third-party software, just plug and play in Windows, Mac OS X and Linux with no guesswork needed
Ensuring reliable video and streaming for a high quality and glitch-free experience, the game capture card supports up to 1920×1080@60fps (1080p) up/down conversion of video without CPU interaction, optional audio capture
The HDMI compatible input and output card from if-link is a superior solution for conference rooms, streaming, video recording, Webcast and more

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