Is There a Solution For Nintendo Wii Error

Nintendo Wii is a seventh generation gaming console that has been awarded several times since it was released for the first time back in 2006. Rivaling with Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, this console broke the record for best-selling gaming console in 2009, but it is now breaking a new nasty record: an increasing number of complaints arising from the deadly Wii error code 003.

At first glance, this problem could seem related to piracy, since it is commonly seen in hacked or modded Nintendo consoles released in countries other than the United States, but error may occur even if you are the owner of a legit console regardless the place on earth you live in. Although Nintendo offers a troubleshooting guide at its official website, this is even more frustrating that the error itself.

Nintendo Wii error code 003 usually occurs when a consumer upgrades the firmware. The screen goes black and “Error 003: unauthorized device has been detected” is displayed afterward. Nintendo states this error code is up to either memory, data, and save related, simply providing the consumer service phone number.

However, one common technique to break into the system again consists of holding down the console reset button while turning on the power. Chances are that a menu comes up, which list a brick safety program the consumer can run to regain the device functionality. The drawback of this method is that only works in modded consoles.

Paraphrasing, if Wii error code 003 symptoms persist, your console is bricked and it is time to call Nintendo Consumer Service at 1 800 555-3700 for assistance.

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