If your Guitar Hero guitar has got strumming problems, this is the answer. Quick and easy solution to the strumming (usually downstrumming) not working AND phantom strumming, where the strummer activates without you touching it – both are caused by the switch failing. Compatible with all official Guitar Hero World Tour controllers (pictured in listing image) that have the touch slider on the neck (note – not compatible with GH3 Guitars or the very newest Band Hero and GH5 guitars which have the red/white faceplate). Simple Repair Instructions: Step 1:Remove Neck and Faceplate. Step 2:Remove Screws 11 torx screws (T10) on body of guitar using torx screwdriver. Remove 4 phillips head screws at top of body using phillips head screwdriver. Step 3:Open Guitar by Splitting Case Halves Apart. Examine switchbutton circuit board to determine which switch is strum up and strum down. Step 4:Unscrew 4 corner screws on the Switchbutton Circuit Board. Step 5:Desolder & Remove Old Switches using soldering iron and desoldering pump (recommended). Step 6:Solder in New Switches. Step 7:Reassemble Guitar. There is also a YouTube repair video I can send you the link to after purchase upon request.

This kit includes two (2) brand new replacement microswitches. The guitar shown in the listing image is not included. These are upgraded microswitches are superior quality and are designed to eliminate the design flaw that caused the original microswitch to break in the first place.This repair can be performed by someone with little or no previous soldering experience in about half an hour and is a very simple and effective way of repairing a Guitar Hero Guitar (see directions below).
The only tools you will require if you do not already own them are: Soldering iron, De-soldering pump (recommended), T10 Torx screwdriver/bit, Phillips head screwdriver.
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