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✿Magnetic Hanging Buckle Wireless Rope Strong Magnetic Circuit Hanging Fishing Buckle Lure ✿Magnetic buckle two retaining ring, is durable and stylish.
✿With good workmanship, perfect fit, connected closely integrated.
✿Fine drilling, to prevent friction, positive and negative bump design, to protect the internal magnet to maintain good appearance.
✿It can hang on the belt, can use anytime and everywhere. Application: Can hang scissors, knotting device, uncoupling device, pliers, fish control device and other fishing accessories. Material: Magnet+stainless steel
✿Product size: approx. 8.5X1.6X2cm
✿Load-bearing: approx. 4kg
✿Package Content: 1 x Holder Carabiner
♚♚Note:It is not recommended to be used in mountaineering, rock climbing, ice climbing and high-altitude games for your safety.

❀✍✍✍ி carabiner pocket watch large size badge holder reels rallt small metal bungee cord set diamond assorted dual spring tie down straps mighty bright portable rust proof fusion steel badge clip ladder magic keeper best phone titanium aluminum fusion oval bag holder screw diamond pack rope dog leash bungie cords hooks&

ிிிிிிிிWiregate Carabiners Rated Lightweight Carabiner Clips Hammock Rocking Carabiner Clip Aluminum D-Ring Spring Loaded Gate Small Keychain Mini Lock Hooks Carabiner Oval Non Locking Steel Spring.
ிிிிிிிிMULTIFUNCTIONAL – The carabiners are perfect for various occasions,such as camping,fishing,hiking,traveling,keychain,backpack and a lot more.the lock system will keep you staff safe.Very eye-catching during daily life convenient use.This pack carabiner keychain is great for outdoor activity, e.g. camping, fishing, hiking, traveling, keychain etc as a handle or hanger,not recomended for climbing or heavy duty safety equipment.
ிிிிிிிிPurple key chains bag edelrid pouch nylon cup with handle rated tether wire gate heavy duty aluminium clips metal bronze reel clip mug handle aluminum car key badge s ring keychain small hammock Lanyard rescue mickey tuff steel locking climbing auto rope solar charger titanium keychain self locking fan magnetic ultralight rope repelling pen triangle Pulley arborist clips locking quick release mountain climbing screw d carabiner padded screw Dive galvanized belay device rose gold leather multitool threaded Snap tape measure cool small d ring carabiner Bracelet Pens pear water bottle holder clip tiger hook dmm revolver steel dual gate liberty twist climber cute heart copper paracord bone positron screwgate small strong camp usa sunscreen bottle opener camo Oversized cheap thin rope Towel dad safety tactical jumbo micro marine grade Flint climb huge double sided stainless big spring snap hook Speaker single carabiner tie down cypher rectangle miniature gold tactical arabiner misting fan domum Grocery color coleman wild helium baseball slim lightweight pear bone shaped tool keychain o shape screw gate retractable keychain carry handle travel screw baby charger climbing button micro gold round rescue cup stainless steel heavy duty stroller beacon light in red paragliding marine attachment gate knife multitool accessory multitool keychain zip line cord screw handle d shaped anti lost skinny single cup baseball repeling charm usb flag quick lock leather keychain diving spinning floral harness knife with clip coffee cup skull water shade sail hotwire mecarmy holes kayak dragon rope leash round climbing accessory carabiner.
ிிிிிிிிDURABLE,LIGHT,STRONG&RUST-FREE – Made of aero grade aluminum alloy with a polished finish,Elegant,strong and practical ,ultra light yet ,and tough enough to resist water and abrasion.Easily access and keep all your essentials in one place. It’s quick, easy and saves time.With palm sized design, you can take these small carabiners with you anywhere you go.
ிிிிிிிிSTRUCTURE IMPROVED – Designed for fast and convenient connections.Can be easily attached to belt loops,backpacks and more.You can also use them to put up tents and connect cords. badge reel hammock straps brass bungee cord stroller bungee cord retractable multi tool micro marine keychain with strap keychain climbing key chain clip keychain bulk pink belay device and carabiner clip heavy duty mug metolius gold tool rappelling strong flashlight keychain with strap swing camping.
ிிிிிிிிSNAG FREE – With no sharp edge on them, they are perfect carabiner clips for keychain or hammock gear. plastic black diamond carabiner for keys hiking black double polymer tiny screw rubber coated belay snap retractable badge holder extra small compass bungee military dog leash red blue shears fusion leash keybiner cup paracord water bottle holder square keyring misting fan set giant black diamond neutrino heart heavy large climbing load bearing d ring locking weight bearing.
ிிிிிிிிQUALITY – We stand behind our quality so much,If there are any issues with your product, simply contact us ! camp carabiner bottle holder carabiner belt slide lock bungee cord trauma shears large heavy duty utility keychain bottle opener disney twist heavy duty locking outdoor bungee industrial bottle opener grivel multi purpose dual s binder watches for camp dog sport misting fan boat assorted sizes light climbing auto swing set backpack hammock zipline magnetron steel climbing
ிிிிிிிிCAEABINER thermometer combination kit spring lock flat swivel sunglass case reel clip retractable hanging gym wallet s shaped cord round d shape fish pouch flashlight keychain sport misting fan brass rigging triple lock quickdraw blackdiamond nomad oval locking lighter double clip star steel oval lanyard keychain key rings reel scuba key ring anime circular for swing night climbing rope both ends stainless magnet twistlock tree strap coated kn spring keybiner multitool giant silver.

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