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TotalMount PlayStation 4 Slim MountTotalMount PlayStation 4 Slim Mount


Why wall-mount a PS4?

In the past, most people put their PlayStation on an entertainment center. Now, many people have wall-mounted TVs and need a secure place to hold their PlayStation. This PlayStation accessory meets that need.

Is this mount compatible with other PlayStation models?

This mount is only compatible with PlayStation 4 Slim (“PS4 Slim”). If you need a mount for PlayStation 4 Pro, please see the table below.

Can I mount my PS4 Slim behind my TV (to hide it)?

If you have at least a 2 inch gap between your TV and the wall behind your TV, then you can hide your PS4 behind your TV. If you have less than 2 inches, then you can mount your PS4 Slim beside or below your TV.

Drill-free mounting

Built-in level

Compatible with PS4 Slim

Compatible with PS4 Pro

Compatible with all PS4, PS3, and PS2 models

Compatible with Wi-Fi routers, DVRs, and cable boxes

Compatible with Nintendo Switch

Compatible with Xbox One S

Compatible with TV remotes

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DO YOU HAVE A WALL-MOUNTED TV and need a secure place to put your PlayStation 4? In the past, people often put their PlayStation on an entertainment center, but now many wall-mounted TV owners need a mounting shelf near their TV that prevents accidental falls when users insert and remove games.
EASY INSTALLATION thanks to our patent-pending built-in level and drill-free installation option. Installation is quick, simple, and only requires a screwdriver.
COMPATIBLE with PlayStation 4 (which is sometimes called “PS4 Slim”). This mount is not compatible with PS4 Pro or PS4 models sold before 2018.
TOTAL MOUNT is the trusted leader in media-player mounting. You may have seen our products in Apple Stores.

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