XBox Elite SeriesThe war between consoles and PC is a never-ending skirmish that has been going on for ages. On one hand, you have the pinpoint precise control of the keyboard mouse, competing against the likes of aim assist joysticks. So, which is superior? Nobody knows. Whether or not you use keyboards or joysticks is a matter of personal preference. But nothing beats the feeling of picking up your controller and smashing a few heads after a stressful day.

The Xbox Wireless Elite Series 2 is my go-to controller simply because of its ergonomic design. It appears flawless and offers a comfortable grip for intense gaming sessions. You can play all day without stressing your wrists or fingers. I’ve once tried switching but the results were devastating.

I bought the Sony DualShock 4 last year, because my Xbox  Elite Series controller broke, and ended up throwing a CoD tournament. No matter how much I tried, I could not get a grip on the Sony. It always felt uncomfortable and my constant fidgeting cost us the game. I got an Xbox wireless right away. If I had stuck with Sony, maybe even practiced a few hours, I could get the hang of it. But I forgot all about it once I held an Xbox Wireless. So how exactly, is the Xbox controller better than the competition? Let us find out.


The new generation controller appears almost similar with some minor tweaks. As usual, the pairing button is at the top, the battery plate at the back and the two proprietary ports for audio and chat pad are at the bottom.

The two most significant updates are the new share button and a new hybrid style directional pad. Compared to the previous generation controllers, the share button has zero lag when taking screenshots or recording gameplays. It has a nice quality of life change and saves you the trouble of switching over to photo mode for precise gaming footage.


The second-best feature is undoubtedly the D-pad. It appears that the new one has the conclave d-pad of the Elite Series 2 and the cross-shaped d-pad on the previous model. It’s clicky and offers nice feedback with every press. I like to move around during gaming sessions and often end up spamming the directional keys, and the sound it makes with every press is borderline addictive.

I also like the new back texture as it prevents the controller from slipping in my sweaty hands when I try to throw it against the wall during 1v4 encounters.

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