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With the use of a separately purchased 2.5″ internal hard drive up to 2tb, this enclosure will allow you to expand your consoles storage. It will fit any 2.5” SATA hard. Play and load games at higher speeds via the external hard drive. Compatible with Xbox ONE Console.

Looks like a natural part of the XBOX ONE matching the design and finish of the XBOX ONE
Extra USB ports for easy controller updates, powering additional items, and connecting media
Easily Installs onto the slots of the side vent on your XBOX ONE and extends the air vents of the console
Provides enough power for a notebook hard drive so there’s no need for additional wires and power
Expand your hard drive and swap or replace hard drives at any time


Xbox One Enclosure and Media HUBXbox One Enclosure and Media HUB


XBOX ONE Hard Drive Enclosure and USB Media Hub

– Seamlessly Fits the XBOX ONE – 3 Front Facing High Speed USB 3.0 ports

– Add Additional 2.5” HD Storage – No External Wires Required

– Powered by XBOX ONE – Extends Ventilation for Proper Cooling

– 2.5″ Xbox One Hard Drive Enclosure and 3 Front Facing USB 3.0 ports

– Fits 2.5″ SATA Hard Drive thickness of 12mm or less

– For Hard drive capacity of 256GB and greater up to 2TB

– Custom fit & designed to match XBOX ONE console

Xbox One Enclosure and Media HUB

Xbox One Enclosure and Media HUB

Xbox One Enclosure and Media HUB

Xbox One Enclosure and Media HUB

Xbox One Enclosure and Media HUB

Xbox One Enclosure and Media HUB

Add Additional 2.5” HD Storage (SOLD SEPARATELY)

Install your own 2.5″ HDD up to 2tb into the HDD Enclosure and Media HUB

Custom fit & designed to match XBOX ONE Pictured above

Install the Media HUB and HDD Enclosure onto the XBOX

Seamlessly Fits the pictured XBOX ONE Console

Play and Install more games than ever before

Console Compatibility

Xbox One

Xbox One

Xbox One X

HDD Compatibility



2.5″ and 3.5″

Hard Drive Included

USB Hub Ports




FRONT FACING USB HUB 3 USB 3.0 ports to charge or direct connect your controllers, flash drives, microphones, notebooks, etc… With 3 extra USB ports adding functionality and charging multiple controllers is that simple. Don’t lose the functionality of your USB port when increasing storage and add more external storage whenever needed.
XBOX ONE FROM THE START Designed to look like an original part of the XBOX ONE, the XPACK enclosure is sleek, elegant, and the best organized storage solution made specifically for the XBOX. Keep your XBOX ONE looking perfect with no messy cables to hide or organize?
FASTER LOADING TIMES Game loading times on the XBOX ONE will improve by as much as 40% using additional faster storage. Air vent extensions on the XPACK enclosure allow for sufficient cooling and maintain the longevity of your XBOX ONE.
POWER SUPPORT An external 5V 2A power port is available for more power demanding devices like external USB hard drive. The USB port provides enough power for a notebook hard drive so there is no need for an additional power connector. Power adapter optional and not included with purchase.

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