7 Super Cool PS4 Accessories You Must Have

Sony Pulse Elite Edition HeadsetNow we all know that the PS4 is cool beyond words. The highly realistic graphics, awesome features and sleek, stylish appearance is enough to make even the most jaded, hardcore gamer sit up and take notice.

The question we should ask ourselves here is… What is the fun in just using the PlayStation 4 straight out of the box without any accessories?

No fun at all! Come on… we all know that you don’t need these accessories but you want them. Hell yeah! You want them. These extra gadgets and add ons will take your gaming to the next level.

People may argue that these accessories are frivolous expenses but you know better. If accessories didn’t matter, Vin Diesel, would be driving a Volkswagen in the Fast and Furious movies.  Accessories matter. Period.

Now let’s look at the drool worthy stuff that belong with your PS4.

Any PlayStation owner will know that you can lie the console flat or stand it vertically. Yet, why do most people stand it up vertically? No idea… but if you’re going to keep the console vertical, you need the…

1. LETECK PS4 Console Vertical Stand.

This vertical stand will make your PS4 look like a work of art and will grab the attention of anyone who happens to be within a 5 meter radius of your PS4. Besides looking more badass than Judge Dredd, the stand is actually functional and will prevent your PS4 console from tipping over.

2. Grip-iT Analog Stick Covers

This product is not exactly a cool accessory but you need it. Why? A lot of PS4 owners have reported that the DualShock 4 thumb sticks tend to wear out. Add these stick covers and save yourself the future headaches. Plus, it makes you a better gamer.

3. PlayStation 4 Camera – Check Price on Amazon

What is the point in role playing games if you can’t taunt, bully and curse your buddies? All in good spirit, of course. You need a camera to record yourself.

4. Sony Pulse Elite Edition Headset – Check Price on Amazon

Put aside any wimpy earphones you may be using. Sony’s headset has excellent bass audio which will make your gaming so realistic, you may find yourself screaming during game battles. Worry not. You’re safe.

5. StarTech 10-Feet Micro USB Cable

Yup! 10 feet. No more carrying your controllers to the nearest power point to charge them. Attach these 10-feet cables and charge while you play.

6. PS4 carrying case, dust cover and pack of 4 Color Combo Flexible Silicone Protective Case for Sony PS4 Game Controller

That’s 3 items and they keep your cool PS4 looking cool. The carrying case is essential if you’re carrying your PS4 to a friend’s or relative’s place to play. You can’t just throw everything in one backpack and go. You’ll just scratch and damage your PS4. The dust cover preserves the appearance of your PS4. The protective case for your controllers will make sure your controllers don’t get damaged when you drop them or throw them in a fit of game rage.

7. PlayStation 4 DualShock 4 Wireless Controller – Check Price on Amazon

Yes… this is obvious but then again it’s not. Every PS4 comes with 1 DualShock Wireless Controller but you’re definitely going to want to pick up an additional controller. Maybe your dad might want to play a co-op game with you. Planning to slowly indoctrinate your girlfriend and make her a gamer? You can’t do it with just 1 controller. Get another. ‘Nuff said.

Now, obviously there are many more accessories and cool stuff that people use with their PS4. There are Blu-ray remotes, digital hard drives, wireless routers, charging stations and much more. You can check these out online.

To start, you are best off getting the items mentioned above. Take your gameplay to the next level.

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