HDE Memory Card for Nintendo GameCube

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Leap that gap, put your foot to the pedal, dodge that attack, and save your game before it’s too late! Your favorite games from yesteryear are just as playable now as they were when they were first released, thanks to the increased ease of purchasing used and backward compatible consoles. Unfortunately, these used consoles don’t always come with that one thing you need to make sure your progress is saved: a memory card! Luckily the solution is within your grasp with the HDE 512MB GameCube Memory Card for Nintendo GameCube and Wii.

Your essential video game accessory is here to help you out during all your gaming sessions. Eliminate the problem of losing your progress and insert a memory card into your compatible console. Each card is packed with 512MB (8192 blocks) of memory. The card will fit your standard Nintendo GameCube and Wii (model number RVL-001). Newer versions of the Nintendo Wii and WiiU will not be compatible with the memory card.

Compatible with Nintendo GameCube
Compatible with Nintendo Wii (model number RVL-001)
Memory: 512MB
Color: Blue

Memory card features 8192 blocks of storage (512mb total capacity) allowing for nearly endless save data | Card has 8,133 more blocks of storage than original memory card for Gamecube
Compatible with Nintendo GameCube or Wii consoles only | Please Note: Only Wii consoles with model number RVL-001 are compatible with GameCube memory cards
Great for large save states | Compatible with Animal Crossing, Custom Robo
This procedure is only used if a corrupted Memory Card is inserted into the Nintendo GameCube. If required, this procedure will begin automatically when you select “Memory Card Screen” from the main menu. You cannot use this procedure to erase files from a useable Memory Card. After selecting “Memory Card Screen” from the Main Menu, if your Memory Card requires formatting, a window will appear to ask for confirmation for formatting. Use the Control Stick to select “YES” and press the A Button

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