Joust For the Arcade Review

Joust was by far one of the simplest and easiest games to master; you had to simply learn to knock other players from their flying ostrich and avoid falling into a lava pit yourself. The challenges progressed as you knocked more opponents down and more land disappeared forcing you to keep your ostrich in the air ever longer while fighting an onslaught of ever more cunning opponents.

Of course your skills increase, as the land changes locations and the opponents start arriving more frequently and even faster than ever before. You had both single and two player mode which made it fun to play as a team versus just against one another.

Normally when in two player mode it was important to keep your partner alive as well, as they helped in those moments against overwhelming odds. Overall the initial rating was very simple for the game, but as things increased you had better be ready for a challenge. The opponents which normally started at two would increase in number and their level of aggressiveness. I don’t know of many people who ever finished the game (actually completed the game), everyone got finished at some point though. You did earn extra lives as you completed certain levels and as you gathered bonus material.

You did need to avoid the creatures other than the knights as they would finish off both you and the opponents. Overall it was a lot of fun, and was often a good way to waste a little money on a Saturday afternoon. It gave you a place to hang out with your friends and play games in either single or two player mode.

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