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Features :

Compatible with the latest version 11.0.0 of the Nintendo console.

Wireless connection, stable connection signal.

Each button contains one accelerometer and gyroscope ,motion sensor can realize independent left and right motion control.

Wireless V3.0 connection, lower interference, stable connecting signal. Wireless distance: about 8 meters.

The weight of a single controller is 44g, you will not feel tired for a long time gaming.

It can be used as a complete controller. Can also be used as 2 independent controls.

Support automatic pairing with switch host, plug and play, no configuration, easy and convenient.

The built-in 300mA lithium battery can be used continuously for about 4 hours after being fully charged.







Wired connection

On the host interface, insert the left and right grip rails into the left and right rail slots of the host, respectively, to establish a cable connection with the host. If you insert the left and right controller into the left and right slide rails of the SWITCH main unit, you will hear a locked sound (while the display also indicates) when it is in position. After inserting the controller into the main unit, the main unit automatically connects to the controller and identifies the controller.

Wireless connection

Power on the switch host. On the main host interface, touch with your finger “Controller” → “Change Handle / Order” to enter the host pairing mode interface. Press and hold the Sync button to turn on the grip and all four lights flash quickly in the search state. If one (or more) LEDs are still on, the switch controller has been successfully paired.

A. Use as a pair of joy-con controllers: Once the left and right controllers are correctly associated with the host, press the L1 and R1 buttons simultaneously. At this point, the corresponding LED lights on the left and right controllers will light up continuously to indicate that the connection has been established successfully;

B. If used as a separate controller: After the left / right controller and host are matched correctly, you need to press the SL and SR buttons on the side of the left / right controller.

How to log in again

A. With the controller inactive, press the HOME button on the right controller or the Screenshot button on the left controller to wake up the controller. The controller automatically connects to the host.

B. When the host is idle, first press the host power button to wake up the host, then short press the host home button or the capture button of the host. host screen to connect to the host (when the host is idle, directly press any button) on the controller can not wake the host)




1-Not compatible with any accessories, such as grip support etc..

2-These are third-party made controllers.

3-The size and weight of the controllers are different from the original.It is bigger than the original controller.

4-None NFC function and camera function. None HD motors, vibration experiences might be different in some games. Games which need camera function and HD motor vibration function can not be played normally.


1 * Pair of controllers

1 * Charging cable

1 *User Guide

【Developed for Nintendo Switch】 Ideal replacement for Switch Joycon; same set of original Joy-con keys; used independently in each hand or attached to the console for use in handheld mode. It is compatible with the latest version of Nintendo Switch 11.0.0. (Note: Not compatible with Joy-cons accessories)
【Enjoying game sharing】 The left and right joysticks can be used separately to meet your individual needs. Share a Joy-Con with your friend, yours can beg or cooperate at any time
【Extended function】 The handle is equipped with a 6-axis gyroscope for precise aiming and shooting. Each controller contains an accelerometer and a gyroscope sensor, which are suitable for all types of running, shooting and running games
【Automatic reconnection】 Once the controller is paired with the host and the host’s Bluetooth is switched on, you can quickly reconnect by waking the controller from sleep mode
【Easy and fast pairing】 Wireless / wired Bluetooth connection, stable signal; reconnect automatically; Rechargeable battery life approximately 4 hours and 8 hours for vibration-free gaming sessions; charged by console or mirco USB

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