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Xbox One USB External Cooling Fan

We designed and produced the XBOX One cooling fan to cool and accelerate air circulation of the fan. When using, take out the dust cover near the air intake on the XBOX One console. Then plug the micro USB interface of the fan into the console.The fan have two gear. H gear express high wind speed and L gear express low wind speed. OFF express turn off. The fan can accelerated air circulation and it have two USB extended port. It doesn’t affect the appearance of the console, and increase the practical performance of the console.


1. Working voltage: DC5V
2. working current: 600MA
3. Speed of the fan: Two speed is 6010 3700PRM, one speed is 4010 4100PRM.
4. Exhaust capacity of air: 13.74CFM
5. Fan rotation direction: Anticlockwise direction rotating
6. Material: ABS
7. Products weight: 190g (excluding packaging materials).
8. Packing: color box

1. Please use the product when it is disconnect with the console.
2.Take out the dust cover on the side of console for convenient to take out it.
3.Please accurately to plug the micro USB interface of the fan into the micro USB interface of the console when the cooling fan loading the XBOXone console.
4.Do not connect the product with the console, when you are cleaning it.
5.Prohibit storage or use of the product in wet temperature environments.
6.Please avoid damage and pressure when use the product to extend its life.
7. If the product is damaged or wet, please stop using it and send it to professionals for repairing rather than disassemble it on your own.
8. Do not use microwave oven etc heating equipments for drying it
9. Do not use the fan and charging the controller at the same time,because the output is limited and it will damage the console.

Decrease the temperature of the host, easy to use (the XBOX ONE host depend on code key in the direction of air inlet on the dust cover, then put the USB plug, a cooling fan on the host USB port, insert can.)
The fan on the two switches, H for high speed, L said low rotation speed, turn OFF the fan OFF
Accelerating the XBOX air circulation, ONE of the host also brought two USB extension, completely does not affect the appearance of the host, and the paratical performance of the host
Powered by the console, no other power sources needed

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