What Kind of Future Lies in Store for the PlayStation 4?

Nothing is life is constant but change and of course, the entire gaming industry is changing.

Currently, the PlayStation 4 is sitting comfortably right at the top as far as gaming consoles are concerned. The Xbox One has not been able to beat the PS4 in terms of capturing the market share and user experience.

Things look set to remain pretty much the same in 2015 with the PS4 being dominant. Sony was wise to realize that gamers just want a console with awesome gaming features and a line of games that are larger than life. So, they dispensed with many of the extra features such as playing CDs, etc. Even PS3 games can’t be played on the PS4.

One reason could be that Sony wishes to set the PS4 apart from its predecessor. By creating a brand new console that comes with its own line of games, Sony has created a separate image for the PS4. It’s like a brand new PlayStation model that is a very distant relative of the PS3.

The computer games industry has a whole has changed but remained the same. This may seem contradictory but if you look at the industry closely, you’ll realize that it is consumer driven.

What do gamers want?

Better graphics, which is what the PS4 has given them with its next-gen graphics. However, graphics has always been of paramount importance to gamers. They want realism, textured, shading, colors that stand out, etc. So, the focus will always be on the usual stuff like visuals, sounds, multiplayer options, depth of gameplay, etc.

From what can be observed, Sony, has a finger on the pulse and knows exactly what their market wants. They are totally focused on giving the end user the best gaming experience possible. Such dedication will ensure that the Sony PlayStation consoles will always be competitive and of cutting-edge technology.

As time progresses, technology trends indicate that the gaming industry may move towards virtual reality products. Wearable technology is also gaining popularity.

However, all these are just predictions at the moment and Sony likes to keep things under wraps till they have something grand to announce. That’s probably what makes their launches much awaited for events.

In terms of sales, there seem to be no signs of dwindling sales because more and more bigger and better PS4 games keep popping up on the market. Since the PS4 is still relatively new, there is much room for expansion in regards to games. This is a market hungry for a wider selection of games.

The PS4 is going to remain popular and a force to be reckoned with in the gaming industry. If you’re a PS3 user, there really is no point in avoiding the inevitable. Sooner or later, you will have to buy the PS4. If history is anything to go by, it’s just a matter of time before Sony slowly starts neglecting the PS3 and anything to do with it.

You may be attached to your PS3 and one must agree that while it is an excellent media player, in terms of gaming, it is nowhere close to the PS4. The PS4 is the future and its future looks very bright.

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